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Three New Drug Product Facilities Expand Small Molecules Platform

Edition 1 / March 2022
Small Molecules Platform > Three New Drug Product Facilities Expand & Augment Our Small Molecules Platform

Edition 1 / March 2022

Dr.Stephen Houldsworth, VP, Global Head of Platform Management & Marketing, CordenPharma International, headshot

Dr. Stephen Houldsworth,

VP, Global Head of Platform Management & Marketing,
CordenPharma International

Lab operator in full PPE sets up drug product capsule filler in CordenPharma Fribourg, Switzerland.

Three New Drug Product Facilities Expand & Augment Our Small Molecules Platform

Close-up of flow chemistry equipment at Continuous Manufacturing lab at CordenPharma Chenôve, France

Operator sets up Capsule Filler at CordenPharma Fribourg (CH).

On February 1, 2022, CordenPharma completed the acquisition of three new drug product manufacturing sites from Vifor Pharma, now named CordenPharma Ettingen, CordenPharma Fribourg and CordenPharma Lisbon. The new facilities, which will be incorporated into our global network in the coming weeks, represent a significant expansion of our Oral Solid Dosage (OSD) capacity and range of drug product dosage form service offerings.

CordenPharma Ettingen, located just to the south of Basel in Switzerland, has been in existence since 1975. The site is an expert manufacturer of semi-solid and non-sterile liquid drug products, offering a full range of services from pharmaceutical development to clinical and commercial-scale manufacturing.

CordenPharma Fribourg, nestled in the French-speaking region of the Sarine valley south-west of Bern, Switzerland, has a long and rich history of manufacturing drug products at the highest levels. The site has recently undertaken a major expansion that allows additional capacity offering a full range of services from Pharmaceutical Development and Phase I-III Clinical manufacturing, to large-scale commercial manufacturing with extensive packaging and pharma-logistics capabilities for worldwide markets.

Finally, CordenPharma Lisbon is situated in the city of Amadaro, which constitutes part of the conurbation of Lisbon in Portugal. Originally created as part of the OM Pharma organization before integration into Vifor Pharma, the site brings over 50 years of drug product manufacturing experience to the CordenPharma family; specifically, the manufacture of Oral Solid Dosage (OSD) forms and non-sterile liquid drug products, in combination with packaging and serialization for a global marketplace.

As the integration of these facilities into our CDMO network continues apace, here is an overview of exactly how their service offerings will augment CordenPharma’s existing Drug Product capabilities:

  • >> Tablets – the classic oral drug product delivery was already well-represented in the CordenPharma drug product dosage offering, thanks to our CordenPharma Plankstadt facility. Now, the introduction of CordenPharma Fribourg & CordenPharma Lisbon significantly increases our total annual volume of production into the range of 100s of millions of tablets, with an enhanced ability to manufacture either wet or dry granulations, and produce either uncoated or coated tablets and mini-tabs.
  • >> Capsules – although the large-scale commercial production of hard capsules was a previous gap in the CordenPharma drug product offerings, both CordenPharma Fribourg and CordenPharma Lisbon will help to fill it with new production annual volumes of 100s of millions of capsules, filled with either powder, granules, microparticulates or mini-tablets.
  • >> Sachets – a new, perhaps niche, dosage form for the CordenPharma drug product service offering, CordenPharma Lisbon will now provide both small and large-scale manufacturing capabilities into the 2 Metric Ton granulated batch size for sachet filling on a fully-automated and dedicated line.
  • >> Oral Liquids – another new product offering for CordenPharma, and one that brings a great deal of flexibility across the sites, since all three new facilities have the ability to manufacture oral liquids, either as syrups or suspensions. Furthermore, the CordenPharma Ettingen site has full drug product development capabilities, including taste masking in oral liquid dosage forms.
  • >> Rectal Formulations, in the form of Enemas & Suppositories – this is an area that the CordenPharma Ettingen site specializes in, being able to offer our customers a full range from development to clinical and commercial manufacturing of these unique drug product delivery mechanisms that are effective in bypassing the gut.

Lab tech wearing blue gloves manually inspects drug product tablets in CordenPharma Fribourg (CH).

Manual inspection of tablets at CordenPharma Fribourg (CH).

All three of the new sites have full commercial packaging and serialization solutions for a number of markets around the world. In particular, CordenPharma Fribourg and CordenPharma Lisbon have very large capacity for blister and bottle packaging of tablets & capsules via brand new Uhlmann packaging lines, which are high-speed and very flexible.

CordenPharma Ettingen & CordenPharma Fribourg bring not only expansion of production capacity, but also drug product development foot print, with the addition of liquid, solid and semi-solid formulation experts and equipment that will enable us to work with you, our customers, to develop formulations designed to meet your demanding expectations at all stages throughout the clinical pipeline.

The vast majority of this new or expanded drug product capacity fits firmly in CordenPharma’s Small Molecule Platform, where we now look forward to offering our existing API customers a fully-integrated service offering from APIs to Drug Products. In addition, the CordenPharma Fribourg site brings highly potent manufacturing capacity in the area of tablets & capsules, and will work in collaboration with our CordenPharma Plankstadt (DE) facility, organized under our Highly Potent & Oncology Platform, to provide customers with a seamless highly potent API-Drug Product offering, including geographic risk mitigation strategies.

We welcome our new facilities, and their ~450 employees, to the CordenPharma family and look forward to working with both existing and new customers to supply patient-saving medications to the global marketplace in a timely and cost-effective fashion.

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