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Streamlining Legal Process, Driving Investments & Celebrating 15 Years

Edition 3 / October 2021
Editorial > CordenPharma Streamlines Legal Process, Drives Key Investments & Celebrates 15 Years Experts Taking Care

Edition 3 / October 2021

Nicolas Reischer VP, General Counsel, CordenPharma International, headshot

Nicolas Reischer

VP, General Counsel
CordenPharma International

CordenPharma Streamlines Legal Process, Drives Key Investments & Celebrates 15 Years of Experts Taking Care

Welcome to the Q3 2021 edition of Corden Connect and Happy Fall! My name is Nicolas Reischer, VP, General Counsel for CordenPharma International. After joining in the beginning of 2020, my role evolved into not only creating a framework of legal consistency throughout our network of facilities, but also supporting our CordenPharma International Marketing & Sales Team in negotiating customer contracts.

Although the legal department is often viewed as the “business police,” the management style at CordenPharma is very hands-on and goal-oriented. I take great pride in the fact that our legal department does not insist on boilerplate language and red tape festivals, but strives to find the best agreements and terms for all parties involved. Our customer contracts are typically mid to long-term oriented, so we work with a collaborative mindset, trying to allocate the development, manufacturing and storage risks and responsibilities to the party that has the greater benefit from taking such risk, or is in a better position to manage it. Given the complexity that comes with offering five different Technology Platforms and Integrated Supply services to our valued customers, the lawyers working on such customer contracts need to demonstrate agility and pragmatism.

Over the last 18 months, we have streamlined workflows and involved all required functions to enhance the efficiency of the contract negotiation process and achieve more standardized contracts with our customers in a timely fashion. Ultimately, we are striving for a greater consistency of our contract negotiation process across the entire CordenPharma network, while also allowing for a sufficient degree of flexibility to reflect the fact that every customer and project are unique. I hope these efforts are reflected in our customers’ experience such that they come to expect not only a high standard on the technical and manufacturing supply chain side, but also a high level of quality for the service or supply agreements they enter into with CordenPharma.

In this issue of Corden Connect, we will see a video interview with our CEO Dr. Michael Quirmbach and COO Dr. Lee Newton that took place in our new Basel office to discuss future CAPEX investments expected for the organization. We will then discuss the benefits of our Integrated Supply services in an article by our European Associate Director of Key Account Management Clemence Buisan, and finally, we will recap our October 1st 15 Year Anniversary celebration that took place throughout our global facility network.

We also hope to see you soon in-person at either CPhI Worldwide, Nov 9-11 in Milan (IT), or EuroTides, Nov 15-17 in Brussels (BE). As always, feel free to reach out to your Key Account Managers to schedule a meeting or provide any feedback on how we can better serve you in the future! We look forward to a successful remainder of 2021!

Nicolas Reischer
VP, General Counsel,
CordenPharma International

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