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Battling Counterfeit Medicine Through Packaging Serialization >> Download Here

By Mario Scigliano, Global Serialization Manager, CordenPharma Latina & Christian Ahlmark, Associate Director, Sales & Key Account Management, CordenPharma International

Get informed about packaging serialization regulatory requirements & deadlines for global markets in this CordenPharma white paper discussing keys to combating the worldwide drug counterfeiting problem. Topics include serialization techniques in the supply chain such as Microscopic RFID Tags, Security Labels, Invisible Inks, and Track-and-Trace Technologies. Learn the importance and benefits of choosing the right CDMO to ensure the utmost level of support in keeping patients safe.

Minimizing Risk In API & Drug Product Development & Manufacturing: A Fully Integrated Supply Chain >> Download Here

C&EN White Paper brought to you by CordenPharma

The pharmaceutical and biopharma industry continues to experience solid growth in an expanding global market. This market growth has been accompanied by an ever-changing industry landscape, with consolidation among long-time “big pharma” leaders, ongoing mergers and acquisitions, and the emergence of start-ups and technology-based offshoots from academic laboratories. As the industry continuously adapts to evolving market pressures, the trend toward outsourcing of APIs & Drug Products to CDMOs with specialized capabilities, expertise and infrastructure remains a strong one.

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CordenPharma Drug Product Services >> Watch Video

November 8, 2022

Your Full-Service CDMO for early-phase formulation & process development through late-phase & commercial Drug Product supply.

The Benefit of CordenPharma's Flow Chemistry Services >> Watch Video

November 8, 2022

Learn why Flow Chemistry might be the best solution to reproduce or scale-up your process, increase supply chain efficiency, and have precise control throughout manufacturing.

CordenPharma - Your Full-Service CMDO For Integrated Supply >> Watch Video

March 3, 2022

As your ONE PARTNER CordenPharma provides you with an integrated solution spanning all product life cycle stages, from preclinical to commercial, supported by dedicated regulatory and project management services.

CordenPharma 15 Year Anniversary >> Watch Videos

February 1, 2022

2021 marked the 15 Year Anniversary of CordenPharma! We took a look back to our founding in 2006 with videos highlighting each of our API & Drug Product facility acquisitions that together, formed the foundation of our integrated supply network across Europe & the US. Thus began the journey of transforming former Large Pharma & Biotech assets into a ONE PARTNER CDMO.

Highly Potent API Manufacturing at CordenPharma Boulder & Colorado >> Watch Video

June 8, 2020

Let us accompany you on your Highly Potent project journey, with API synthesis from early clinical to commercial supply.

Injectable Drug Product Manufacturing at CordenPharma Caponago >> Watch Video

May 15, 2020

Let us accompany you on your Injectable Drug Product journey, with specialized capabilities in Aseptic Fill & Finish and Terminal Sterilization.

CEO Dr. Michael Quirmbach gives a COVID-19 Customer Update >> Watch Video

April 6, 2020

Dr. Michael Quirmbach gives a customer video update on CordenPharma's efforts during the COVID-19 crisis. We are working together on one single goal: To do everything from our side to keep your business continuity & supply chain intact - For YOU and ultimately THE PATIENTS.

Glatt @ CordenPharma Plankstadt >> Watch Video

April 20, 2018

View this video taken at CordenPharma Plankstadt highlighting Glatt's leading technology for highly potent laboratory scale containment pharma solutions. CordenPharma Plankstadt (DE) trusts in Glatt Technology. In technological partnership with Weiss Pharmatechnik, Glatt provides state-of-the-art pharma process solutions combined with top flexible barrier systems for highly potent containment developing services up to OEB 5 Level.

CordenPharma Plankstadt Expanded Highly Potent Development Facility >> Watch Video

Mar 30, 2016

On March 14, 2016, CordenPharma was pleased to announce the completion and approval of expanded Development Capabilities (CTD2) for mid-scale (up to 20 kg) contained capacity of highly potent and oncology oral dosage forms in CordenPharma Plankstadt (DE). This new and expanded capability provides customers a complete offering in the contained manufacturing of oral dosage from grams to 150 Kg.


Scale-up Considerations for Large-Scale Peptide Manufacturing: Factors & Parameters to Address for Implementing Large-Scale Peptide Processes >> View Webinar On Demand

By Dr. Robert Topping, Distinguished Scientist, CordenPharma Colorado

This webinar, given live on November 20, 2019, discusses:

  • >> Learn how large is large-scale peptide manufacturing.
  • >> What are the factors that change on large-scale manufacturing which could impact product quality & process operations?
  • >> What are the areas of risk encountered when scaling up?
  • >> Review safety, health & environmental considerations.

Navigating Injectable Combination Device & Drug Product Regulations: How a Full-Service CDMO Supports Pharma >> View Webinar On Demand

By Fabio Stevanon, Director, Global Injectables Platform, CordenPharma International

& Mark Chipperfield, Principal Consultant & Company Director, Corvus Device Ltd.

This webinar, given live on September 12, 2019, discusses:

  • >> Understand what IS / what IS NOT a combination device-drug product.
  • >> Gain insight into the major regulation landscape for combined drug & device products, including some technical challenges for injectable PreFilled Syringes (PFS) & Auto-injectors.
  • >> Get an overview of how a sound injectable drug product strategy by a Full-Service CDMO helps navigate industry changes to support your drug development goals.
  • >> Learn ways of partnering with a global CDMO to efficiently commercialize an injectable drug, with specific recommendations on finding solutions for injectable combination device-drug product challenges.

Critical Aspects of a Robust Highly Potent Compound Program: The Importance of Understanding Intangible Elements of Containment >> View Webinar On Demand

By Robin Livingston, Environmental, Health & Safety Manager, CordenPharma Colorado

This webinar, given live on April 4, 2018, discusses:

  • >> Learn the importance of understanding intangible soft elements of a robust potent compound program.
  • >> Hear a detailed explanation of each aspect of a strong highly potent compound program.
  • >> Plan for an on-going robust containment system, long after installation.
  • >> Learn practical ways to apply these elements to your company’s potent compound program.

Implementing a Quality by Design Development Philosophy: Benefits & Challenges in a Highly Potent Landscape >> View Webinar On Demand

By Dr. Iris Ziegler, Director, Pharmaceutical Sciences & QbD, CordenPharma International

This webinar, given live on October 4, 2017, discusses:

  • >> Quality by Design (QbD) - where are we in Pharma after almost 10 years post ICHQ8?
  • >> Can a CDMO afford QbD and what if the customer does not want it?
  • >> What are the real benefits of a QbD mind-set in a Highly Potent manufacturing environment?
  • >> Examine at a case study on applying the QbD approach to the development of a Highly Potent Drug Product

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Speaking Presentations

Tides Europe 2019, Amsterdam, (NL)

November 12, 2019 >> Stage Appropriate CMC Overview and Requirements for a Robust Dossier

by Mimoun Ayoub Ph. D., VP, Global Head of Sales and Key Account Management, CordenPharma International

Tides Europe 2019, Amsterdam, (NL)

November 12, 2019 >> Drug Product Development and Industrialization for Peptides and Oligos: A CDMO Perspective

by Umberto Romeo, R&D Manager, CordenPharma Caponago

Tides 2019, San Diego, CA (US)

May 20, 2019 >> Peptide CMC Approaches for a Fast & Successful IND Filing

by Dr. Mimoun Ayoub, Director, Head of North America & Emerging Market Sales, CordenPharma International

Tides 2019, San Diego, CA (US)

May 22, 2019 >> Peptide Manufacturing Scale-up Considerations

by Dr. Robert Topping, Distinguished Scientist, Development Synthetic Chemistry, CordenPharma Colorado

Tides 2019, San Diego, CA (US)

May 23, 2019 >> Aggregation of Peptides in Preparative Chromatography

by Anthony Zidell, Analytical Chemist, CordenPharma Colorado

CPhI Japan 2019, Tokyo, Japan

March 18, 2019 >> Fully Integrated Peptide Drug Substance and Drug Product Manufacturing

by Dr. Frieder Mitzel, Associate Director, Sales & Key Account Management, CPI

Tides 2018, Boston, MA (US)

May 9, 2018 >> Producing the Highly Potent Peptide

by Dr. Richard Dauer, Distinguished Engineer, CordenPharma Colorado

Pharma Congress 2018, Düsseldorf, Germany

April 24, 2018 >> Keynote Speech: Continuous Manufacturing – A Case Study

by Yves Michon, Managing Director, CordenPharma Chenôve (FR)

CPhI Japan 2018, Tokyo, Japan

April 18, 2018 >> Development & Manufacturing of Peptides

by Dr. Frieder Mitzel, Associate Director, Sales & Key Account Management, CPI