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Peptide Manufacturing Capacity Increasing in 2021

November 17, 2020
Press Release > CordenPharma Increases Centre of Excellence for Peptide Development Capacity.

Press Release > CordenPharma Increases Centre of Excellence for Peptide
Development Capacity to Support European Domestic Growth

Luxembourg, 17 November 2020

CordenPharma’s Centre of Excellence for Peptide Process Development and non-GMP manufacturing in Frankfurt, Germany is not only known for bringing a high level of peptide expertise in the development of efficient and lean peptide processes like Glucagon-Like Peptide analogues (GLP 1 or GLP 2), but also for being able to tackle challenging projects such as branched or sophisticated multi-cyclic peptides.

By recognition of their professionalism and customer-centric attitude, CordenPharma made a strategic decision to expand their current offering with the manufacturing of larger quantities of non-GMP peptides. Aside from increasing available lab space by 25%, a dedicated Explosion‑proof area will be added, which is supported by a tailored tank farm. This will allow for the introduction of regular solvents, as well as compatibility with our green peptide manufacturing.

In order to accommodate a recent growth in European domestic demand, CordenPharma is proudly announcing the expansion of their non-GMP Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS) manufacturing capacity. Dr. Matthieu Giraud, Global Director of CordenPharma’s Peptides, Lipids & Carbohydrates Platform explains, “With the addition of these fully-automated larger lines in Frankfurt, assembly, capacity and flexibility will be significantly increased, reinforcing our leading position in Europe while keeping a flexible and cost effective approach. Special efforts will be focused on mirroring the new equipment design with that of current GMP in order to ensure smooth technical transfer when it comes to later-stage clinical support. The expanded peptide manufacturing, explosion proof area and tank farm will be available starting Q3 2021.“

Dr. Karsten Meyenberg, Head of Operations at the Frankfurt Centre of Excellence for Peptide Development since its foundation in 2015 comments, “This new line will benefit customers by adding the required level of automation necessary for increased efficiency in initial scale-up efforts. Serving as a central peptide R&D unit for CordenPharma’s integrated network of cGMP facilities, we will further strengthen our ability to carry out development projects with an emphasis on scale-up effects and optimal equipment design for the receiving GMP site. Alongside this new laboratory, we will increase personnel resources with the addition of PhD chemists.”


CordenPharma Frankfurt Centre of Excellence for Peptide Development

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