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COO On Expanded Digitalization

Edition 3 / September 2020
Editorial > How Increasing Digitalization Affects Daily Business in Q3 & Beyond

Edition 3 / September 2020

Lee Newton, Chief Operating Officer of CordenPharma, headshot

Lee Newton,

Chief Operating Officer,
CordenPharma International

How Increasing Digitalization Affects Daily Business in Q3 & Beyond

CordenPharma’s recently appointed Chief Operating Officer Dr. Lee Newton talks about how the organization further strives to adapt to the “New Normal” in Q3 2020, as well as how he personally experienced onboarding during the pandemic.

Video Transcript

Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of our (Corden Connect) newsletter. My name is Lee Newton, and I’m the Chief Operating Officer of CordenPharma. In our last edition, Stephen Houldsworth was describing how we were adapting to life under the COVID pandemic. And since then, we’ve made great strides in improving the way we communicate with each other and with our customers. Having joined CordenPharma only a few months ago, my own experience has been interesting during onboarding because, for example, to do a plant tour, I’ve had to have a guy wearing a GoPro walking around, showing me what was going on.

Despite all these challenges, I’m very proud of the level of business continuity that we’ve been able to provide for our customers and their patients. Given that patient protection is paramount, it’s important that we’ve been able to adapt on the quality side, to be able to continue auditing our suppliers, and receiving authority and customer audits.

In the first article of our newsletter, (Chief Quality & Compliance Officer) Will Cashin will describe how we’ve been able to successfully pass three authority audits in the last months, and how we’re managing to find virtual solutions for all of those situations.

In conjunction with this, our head of platform management for Injectables, Fabio Stevanon, will be hosting a webinar where you can hear expert speakers giving their views on the latest developments in combined drug product & delivery devices for injectables.

And finally, our third article will take a lighthearted look from the CDMO’s point of view of what makes a successful relationship between customer & supplier.

We hope you enjoy reading the articles in our newsletter. We hope to meet you at the CPhI Festival of Pharma. And in the meantime, Stay Safe & Stay Healthy!

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