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CordenPharma Chenôve Attracts Top Talent in The Pharmaceutical Industry

November 23, 2021
Interview with CordenPharma Chenôve, Yves Michon, Managing Director

The chemical industry in Burgundy France Comté represents 3% of the chemical industry in France with 5,500 employees and 60 companies. Chemistry is present in many sectors of activity (chlorine, medicines, etc.)
“There is something for everyone”.

Interview with CordenPharma Chenôve, Yves Michon, Managing Director

CordenPharma Chenôve has been established in the Côte d’Or region south of Dijon, France for over 50 years, specializing in the manufacture of active ingredients for start-ups and large pharmaceutical groups. Innovation is very important to CordenPharma. The Chenôve site is the CordenPharma’s global Centre of Excellence for Continuous Flow Chemistry, which brings decisive advantages in terms of quality, competitiveness, safety and environmental protection.

CordenPharma Chenôve’s challenges are to provide scientifically robust services to its pharmaceutical customers in extremely short time frames and at competitive costs. We must meet these challenges to enable our customers to win their race to market with their innovative molecule.

Chemistry is a high-tech science. We are looking to attract talent who love science and want to industrialize it. So anyone with a passion for Science and Technology, we have a place for them!

Interview with CordenPharma Chenôve

Watch the video from La Chimie en Bourgogne France-Comté (Interview starts at 2:36)