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Corden Connect Interviews New Managing Director Yvan Liard of CordenPharma Fribourg

Edition 1 / March 2022
New Facility Acquisition Video Series > Part 1: Interview with Managing Director Yvan Liard of CordenPharma Fribourg

Edition 1 / March 2022

Yvan Liard, Managing Director, CordenPharma Fribourg & Ettingen, headshot

Yvan Liard,

Managing Director,
CordenPharma Fribourg & Ettingen

Dr.Stephen Houldsworth, VP, Global Head of Platform Management & Marketing, CordenPharma International, headshot

Dr. Stephen Houldsworth,

VP, Global Head of Platform Management & Marketing, CPI

2022 Drug Product Facility Acquisition Video Interview Series Part 1:
Managing Director Yvan Liard of CordenPharma Fribourg (CH)

VP of Platform Management & Marketing Dr. Stephen Houldsworth interviews new Managing Director Yvan Liard on the expanded drug product offerings, exciting capabilities and new employees of CordenPharma Fribourg in Switzerland.

Video Transcript

Hello everybody and I want to welcome you to another Corden Connect video article. My name is Stephen Houldsworth and I’m the VP of Platform Management & Marketing for CordenPharma.

Today I am joined by Yvan Liard, Managing Director of our newly acquired CordenPharma Fribourg site. Hello and welcome Yvan!

Hello Stephen! I am happy to be here with you for sure and let me just before starting this interview to introduce myself.

So my name is Yvan Liard, Swiss citizen, and I’m living in the canton of Neuchâtel, of course in Switzerland. I started my professional career in the pharmaceutical industry in 2011 at Vifor Pharma as the Head of Supply Chain for a site in Fribourg, and also in Ettingen. And then in 2016, I took the responsibility of the Fribourg site as a site head. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to manage the site of almost 300 people within the multidisciplinary environment and drive the very very exciting challenges.

Before this pharmaceutical step, my professional experience was in the mechanical industry, and more precisely in the watch industry for a prestigious brand and a well-reputed component manufacture.

I have a degree in economics with an Executive Master in Supply Chain from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, so-called here in Switzerland EPFL.

Following the CordenPharma acquisition, my position of Fribourg Site Head turned to the title of Managing Director, where my responsibilities assigned by CordenPharma are more extensive than before, which is a particularly exciting challenge for me but also for my team.

Thank you Yvan for that introduction. For those of us not familiar with Switzerland, could you provide an indication of where exactly Fribourg is?
Oh yes Stephen, I think it is a really exciting city. Fribourg is the capital of Fribourg canton. It is a major and very very dynamic economic and educational center on the cultural border between German-speaking and French-speaking (Switzerland), (where) 80% of people are talking or speaking French. Geographically, the city of Fribourg has about 40 thousand inhabitants. It is located at the foot of the Alps – very convenient for skiing and hiking. The city is not far from Bern, capital of Switzerland, about 30 minutes by car, and 45 minutes from Lausanne, the French part of Switzerland. Fribourg is also very well known for the quality of cheese made in the region and its famous cream.
Excellent! So the site in Fribourg has a very rich history. Could you perhaps summarize some of the highlights from us?
Oh sure sure. So the site in Fribourg has been erected in 1966, and its primary mission at that time was to distribute to the Swiss market mainly. Then the site was bought by the Galenica Group in 1977. The strategy at that time was to have control over the entire value chain from development, production, and finally distribution. Then the site received its first FDA certification in 2012 in collaboration with a major customer being a big pharma player. This step put the Fribourg site in front of broader business opportunities in a very global market.

Personally, I was very lucky to be part of this key step and to have been able to collaborate with a team fully committed to the site. And then a series of successful certifications quickly followed such as Brazil, South Korea, Belarus, Turkey and finally Russia.

Two years ago, a strategic decision was made to expand the site to provide additional production space. This new building you can see in my background is designed on the modular approach, in order to create additional space in the GMP area and activate shortly additional capacity.

Currently, 3 out of the 6 modules are occupied, which provide relevant growth opportunities to the sites.

This allows us to offer agility and speed for our customers since the implementation of the module, including the validation phases, will not last more than 6 to 7 months.

OK thank you. So could you please outline for the audience the specific capabilities of the CordenPharma Fribourg site?
Yes of course! So you know Stephen, the site is able to offer oral and topical drug products divided into 3 distinct categories.

The first one is Solid Dosage forms such as tablets and capsules for instance.

The second one is Liquid Dosage forms, but mainly focused on syrups and drugs and the final one, the last one is ointment and gel, as more marginal activities.

We offer our customers the end-to-end solution starting from the development phase with formulation, the analytical development and the clinical supply. And then if needed, we are also able to ensure the tech transfer for existing formulation and the analytical methods and validation.

If needed, we are able to produce for that product (all the way through) the packaging operation, including the serialization as per provided requirements.

In addition, we have an extensive expertise in solid dosage forms and the ability to produce tablets, coated tablets, mini-tablets, capsules with state-of-the-art equipment from lab scale, pilot scale up to industrial environment.

Excellent! Thank you Yvan for joining us today and we look forward to a very successful collaboration in the future with our customers.
Thank you very much Stephen for your time and for the opportunity to present the site of Fribourg. Thank you so much!
Thank you.

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