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Corden Connect Editorial: Continuous Improvement of Project Management Organization

Edition 2 / June 2022
Editorial > The Future of CordenPharma Project & Program Management

Edition 2 / June 2022

Swantje Thiering, CordenPharma VP, Global Head of Program Management & PMO, headshot

Dr. Swantje Thiering, PMP

VP, Global Head of Program Management & PMO
CordenPharma International

The Future of CordenPharma Project & Program Management: Continuous Improvement, Harmonization & Alignment with Customer Needs

Welcome to the June 2022 edition of Corden Connect – and Happy Summer! My name is Swantje Thiering, and I joined the CordenPharma team in April 2022 as VP, Global Head of Program Management. It is my pleasure to open this issue of our newsletter by introducing myself and our plans for the Project & Program Management organization at CordenPharma.

After 20 years of experience in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, mainly in process development and project management – and with a lot of passion and ambition for project management and CDMO services – I am excited that my career has brought me to CordenPharma, and to the opportunity of working with you, our customers, on life-changing programs.

All of you who have selected CordenPharma as your partner and supplier know our Project Managers as your primary contact during the project execution phase, for the development and manufacture of an API or Drug Product for clinical and commercial supply. From kick-off through to delivery and close-out, our mission is to ensure alignment of all project aspects with customer needs and expectations, give structure to project activities, anticipate risks and future steps – and last but not least – provide clear communication and transparency to all stakeholders.

Building on the efforts of our facility network PM teams over the past years, the future will see an increased focus on the continuous improvement of our project management competencies and methodologies which enable smooth execution, and facilitate project success. And as a global organization, we will take further steps to harmonize our project processes and share best practices and lessons learned across our sites.

We will also continue to refine our support structure and business processes for the growing number of multi-site customers who benefit from our integrated offering. To this end, we have recently strengthened our team of global Program Managers. These added resources will enable us to further enhance the global layer of project governance support and development of our partnerships and services.

Later in this edition we will hear Part 2 of our New Facility Acquisition Video Series featuring Martin Walde, Managing Director of CordenPharma Lisbon. After that Jens Hartmann, Associate Director of Corporate Development, will talk about the recent stand-by production agreement awarded by the German government to CordenPharma and partner Wacker for the production of mRNA vaccines, when needed. And lastly, VP of Platform Management & Marketing Dr. Stephen Houldsworth will present highlights of the May 20th ribbon cutting ceremony for the inauguration of CordenPharma Fribourg’s new drug product facility, offering flexible and modular production capabilities.

I am looking forward to meeting you soon – hopefully in person at one of our facilities. In the meantime please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Key Account Managers to arrange a video call or provide any feedback you may have on how we can further develop our project management support and services to align with your needs. Your success is our success – the lives you save and improve are our daily motivation.

Dr. Swantje Thiering, PMP
VP, Global Head of Program Management & PMO,
CordenPharma International

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