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CEO & COO Discuss CAPEX Technology Investments

Edition 3 / October 2021
Video Interview with CEO & COO> CordenPharma Augments Platform Technologies With Strategic Investment Projects

Edition 3 / October 2021

Dr. Michael Quirmbach, President & CEO, CordenPharma, headshot

Dr. Michael Quirmbach,

President & CEO,

Lee Newton, Chief Operating Officer, CordenPharma, headshot

Lee Newton,

Chief Operating Officer,

Stephen Houldsworth, VP Platform Management & Marketing of CordenPharma, headshot

Dr. Stephen Houldsworth,

VP, Platform Management & Marketing, CPI

CordenPharma Augments Platform Technologies With Strategic Investment Projects

CEO Dr. Michael Quirmbach and COO Dr. Lee Newton are interviewed by VP of Platform Management & Marketing Dr. Stephen Houldsworth on CordenPharma’s future CAPEX investments projects.

Video Transcript

Welcome to today’s Corden Connect video article. My name is Dr. Stephen Houldsworth, VP of Global Platform Management & Marketing for CordenPharma. Today I am joined by Dr. Michael Quimbach, CEO & President of CordenPharma, and Dr. Lee Newton, COO of CordenPharma.

So Michael, as we sit here in mid-September 2021, perhaps we could start by providing a brief overview of how the year is going and then discuss what strategic decisions the organization has made with regards CAPEX and technology enhancements.

Yeah, thank you Stephen. 2021 has been very good and strong year so far for our network across all of our five platforms – in Lipids & Carbohydrates, we have seen a very strong demand for lipid supply, in particular for Corona vaccines – Highly Potent & Oncology, Small Molecules, Peptides and Injectables as well. As part of our strategic business plan, we then looked at what our customers need in the future, what do we want to add as services and new technologies.

I am very pleased that we made the decision, together with the Platform Directors, Managing Directors, and Corporate Team, to invest into Lipid NanoParticle (LNP) formulation at our site in Caponago, further strengthen our peptide offering by offering GMP manufacturing clinical trial supply from our site in Frankfurt (Fechenheim, Germany), and further strengthen our solid dosage highly potent formulation capabilities, including commercial manufacturing, for our site in Plankstadt.

We then have other activities we have decided on, where Lee Newton will further give input.

So I think a lot of our investments this year are going to be around the theme of providing the best available technology to customers for solving their problems. So trying to get away from the old problem that to a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail. There are a lot of CDMOs in the world that are fixed on one or two technologies. We already have a very broad toolbox and we want to augment that further by investing in a variety of different things.

So for example, in our (Small Molecule) Development Centre of Excellence in Liestal Switzerland, we will be adding capabilities in bioavailability enhancement, solid-state chemistry and formulation of oral solid dosage forms using purely soluble molecules.

This will also be supported by the Plankstadt site, which manufactures these oral solid dosage forms. There we’ll also be adding the capability for doing encapsulation, as well as tableting for highly potent compounds.

Coming back to Liestal, we will also be investing in supercritical fluid chromatography for purification of lipids. Some lipids are best purified that way, some by HPLC, so we will be able to choose the best technology.

Scale-up of the supercritical fluid chromatography will be done in our Chenôve France site. There we are also building up our Centre of Excellence in Flow Chemistry for continuous manufacturing, where some molecules are best made using that technology for either purity or safety reasons.

Moving to Italy, the Bergamo site will be getting a brand new development center. Here we recognize that for commercial manufacturing and commercialization of late clinical compounds, the demands of CMC sections are becoming ever more, and we are providing extra capability to provide that data to our customers to ensure that they get a secure and safe launch of their compounds.

Finally in Colorado in the US, we’ve already added this year, another hundred centimeter HPLC column, and we will be following that up with a downstream continuous manufacturing with liquid-liquid extraction and continuous distillation.

So far, we’ve reviewed the currently active technology enhancements and CAPEX programs, but perhaps you could also give an outline as to what the future beyond those programs looks like for the organization.
Yes, thank you Stephen. We will continue to identify, look where we have gaps in our service offerings across our platforms, across our sites. But secondly, we will also look for further acquisitions, either within Europe or the US, where we also feel we can further strengthen our service offering and become stronger from our 5 platforms, as we have them today.
So Lee, which particular CAPEX project most excites you and why?
So I think to a technical person it’s always exciting to be involved with new technologies. Supercritical fluid chromatography would be one obvious example, where it’s really important to bring together the engineering and chemistry and do something that has very powerful applications. We can also think about Lipid NanoParticles in Caponago or encapsulation in Plankstadt as technologies we don’t currently have that we look forward to being able to offer.
Thank you Michael and Lee for this insight, and you, our audience for your interest. Until next time, goodbye.

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