Enzymes & Fermentation

Enzymes & Fermentation

Enzymes & Fermentation Services at CordenBioChem

Leader in Industrial Large-Scale Microbial Fermentation, Biotechnology, Enzymes & Biocatalysis

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  • >> Large-scale Fermentation (3,000 m³) with Single Fermenters up to 120 m³
  • >> Full-service from Master-cell Bank to Biocatalysis, including Method Development (both industrial-scale and analytics)

CordenBioChem (DE) provides Contract Development & Manufacturing (CDMO) of Microbial Fermentation and the application of Biocatalysis for the synthesis of technical and food & feed enzymes, and food & feed additives. With fully-controlled facilities, e.g. fermentation and downstream processing, CordenBioChem has expertise in development and large-scale production of immobilized enzymes using various carriers.

Fermentation, Enzymes & Biocatalysis


  • >> Large-scale CDMO Microbial Fermentation
  • >> Industrialization from Feasibility to Commercial-scale
  • >> Cleaning In Place (CIP) & Sanitization In Place (SIP)
  • >> Dedicated Cell Bank Preparation Facility


  • >> Large-scale CDMO Enzyme Production
  • >> Broad range of Downstream Unit Operations
  • >> Enzyme Product Types:
    • >> Whole Cell Catalysts
    • >> Stabilized Ultrafiltrates
    • >> Immobilized Enzymes
    • >> Cleaning In Place (CIP) & Sanitization In Place (SIP)

Biocatalysis – “Green Chemistry”

The application of biocatalysis is an essential tool used today in modern chemical synthesis, particularly as it relates to the synthesis of modern products for the food & feed industry and other technical applications. We have the ability and know-how to scale-up biocatalysis processes to run on commercial scale, as well as produce immobilized enzymes, enzyme concentrates and whole cell catalysts.

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