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Enzymes & Fermentation Services at CordenBioChem

Leader in Industrial Large-Scale Microbial Fermentation, Biotechnology, Enzymes & Biocatalysis

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  • >> Large-scale Fermentation (3,000 m³) with Single Fermenters up to 120 m³
  • >> Full-service from Master-cell Bank to Biocatalysis, including Method Development (both industrial-scale and analytics)

CordenBioChem (DE) provides contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) of Microbial Fermentation, Technical Enzymes and application of Biocatalysis for the synthesis of intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). With fully-controlled facilities, e.g. fermentation using Process Analytical Technology (PAT), CordenBioChem have expertise in development and large-scale production of immobilized enzymes using various carriers.

Being owned by ICIG, the CordenBioChem facility serves as a connection between the synthetic cGMP intermediate manufacturing of CordenPharma and the non-GMP manufacture of intermediates in their sister company, Weylchem.

Fermentation, Enzymes & Biocatalysis


  • >> Large-scale CDMO Microbial Fermentation
  • >> Industrialization from Feasibility to Commercial-scale
  • >> Cleaning In Place (CIP) & Sanitization In Place (SIP)
  • >> Dedicated Cell Bank Preparation Facility


  • >> Large-scale CDMO Enzyme Production
  • >> Broad range of Downstream Unit Operations
  • >> Enzyme Product Types:
    • >> Whole Cell Catalysts
    • >> Stabilized Ultrafiltrates
    • >> Immobilized Enzymes
    • >> Cleaning In Place (CIP) & Sanitization In Place (SIP)

Biocatalysis – “Green Chemistry”

The application of biocatalysis is an essential tool used today in modern chemical synthesis, particularly as it relates to the synthesis of pharmaceutical and fine chemical intermediates and APIs. We have the ability and know-how to scale-up biocatalysis processes to run on commercial scale, as well as produce immobilized enzymes, enzyme concentrates and whole cell catalysts.

Compliance > Regulatory filing in the US, EU, Japan, Canada & Australia

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