15 Year Anniversary Album

CordenPharma Day – Bergamo


Celebrations included a garden party with German-themed breakfast, lunch or dinner buffets, 15 Year custom cakes and gifts distributed to all employees, along with a speech from Managing Director Luca Porcu and VP of Platform Management & Marketing Stephen Houldsworth.

To celebrate the 15 Year Anniversary of CordenPharma, we have organized a Party in our garden that will allow all Corden Pharma Bergamo employees to attend this important event for our group, considering the different working hours.For our colleagues who finish the night shift, the breakfast buffet will be offered,  with cakes, croissants, biscuits, juices, milk, tea and coffee.At lunch and dinner, a barbecue with meat and vegetables will be set up. Sandwiches, wurstel with sauerkraut, polenta and French fries, soft drinks will be served too.

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