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Customer-Centric Culture: Global Expert Team

Edition 4 / November 2019
Editorial > Customer-Centric Culture: CordenPharma’s New Global Expert Teams

Edition 4 / November 2019

Heiko Serwe, Chief Financial Officer, CordenPharma, headshot

Heiko Serwe

Chief Financial Officer,

Customer-Centric Culture: CordenPharma’s New Global Expert Teams

Welcome to our Q4 2019 Edition of Corden Connect – this time with a message from the CFO of the CordenPharma. Although I rarely get a chance to communicate with customers in a forum such as this, CordenPharma’s new and evolving Executive Management Team is strongly committed to building a Customer Centric Culture where everyone in the organization contributes to our joint objective of being the ONE PARTNER CDMO of Choice.

As such, I am delighted to write to you. My name is Heiko Serwe and I joined CordenPharma in May 2018, coming from a German-based private equity firm where I gathered broad experience in different CFO positions within the investment portfolio sector across different industries. Over the last month, the new leadership of CEO Dr. Michael Quirmbach has brought an even stronger focus on developing our integrated network of nine cGMP manufacturing facilities across five countries. What does this all mean? On a daily basis, we continue to ask ourselves the following three questions: What do you, our customers, need now and in the future and how can we support you? What relationship do you envision us to establish with you? What value do you expect from us and are we giving it to you?

This continual effort to review & improve our organizational setup serves as a guide towards becoming a more effective & efficient supply partner for your current & future requirements. In this context, CordenPharma’s management has recently established the following new Global Teams to further strengthen our group-wide knowhow and execute future capabilities to drive Customer Centricity across all levels of the organization & value chain.

Global Project Management Team

Project Management is the backbone of any CDMO service provider, particularly a full-service CDMO partner, and an important function that affects all CordenPharma manufacturing sites and our combined ability to interact with you, the customer. After compiling and reviewing your feedback, we determined that a newly formed Global Project Management Team was necessary to not only harmonize global project tools & requirements, but also provide focused oversight and controlled execution of group-wide activities, which ultimately affect your project objectives & timelines.

I am convinced you will very quickly experience the benefit of our Global Project Management Team in the form of streamlined customer interaction and greater transparency & harmonization across the sites, especially when interacting with multiple facilities or as part of any integrated supply solution project.

Global R&D & Tech Transfer Team

CordenPharma’s tagline is “Experts taking care.” Indeed, our customers are looking for CDMOs that will reliably complement their technical expertise in process development and tech transfer. This is a burgeoning challenge for all of our sites, one that demands superior skills in transitioning projects and products. To further advance our global initiatives, we recently reinforced our global R&D and Tech Transfer Team. We are confident of the benefit this provides in exchanging and sharing our experience globally and fostering our capabilities.

Stay connected with future organizational and process-related improvements! As always, we welcome your thoughts, feedback and suggestions through your Key Account Managers. Our company-wide Customer-Centric Culture means we are listening.

Heiko Serwe
Chief Financial Officer

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