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c&en Whitepaper >> Minimizing Risk In API & Drug Product Development & Manufacturing >> A Fully Integrated Supply Chain >> Brought to you by CordenPharma >> Download here 

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Pharma Integrates 2015 Panel Discussion

Groupe Francais des Peptides et des Proteines (GFPP) 2015

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Highly Potent & Cytotoxic Drugs >> Manufacturing to Market  - Dr. Iris Ziegler, Director of Development & Production, CordenPharma Plankstadt, and Chris Ahlmark, Associate Director of Sales & Key Accounts, CordenPharma International, discuss CordenPharma's Highly Potent & Cytoxic Capabilities for APIs and Drug Products. This webinar was given live at a pre-conference breakfast at the AAPS Annual Meeting on November 4, 2014 in San Diego, CA.

CPhI Japan 2014 Interview - Dr. Roberto Margarita, Director of Business Development, CordenPharma International, discusses CordenPharma's capabilties in the Japanese market at CPhI Japan 2014. 


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