Corden Pharma Latina

Managing Director:

Emilio Frongia

Corden Pharma Latina S.p.A.

Via del Murillo km2,800
04013 Sermoneta
Phone:+39 07 73 31 01
Fax:+39 07 73 31 98 55

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>>> Press Release <<< Click here to read about CordenPharma Latina's Recent Approval for Sterile Oncology Clincal Supply.

Core Capabilities

  • cGMP manufacturing of oral and sterile liquid dosage forms for cephalosporins, penicillins and cytotoxics
  • Manufacturer of sterile cephalosporin and penicillin drug substances
  • Full range of development and packaging services
  • Fully integrated infrastructure  (solvent recovery, thermal oxidizer, waste water treatment plant)
  • Full Pharma supply chain

CordenPharma Latina Facility Capacities

Compliance Approvals

  • FDA - 2013
  • ANVISA - 2013
  • EMA (AIFA) - 2012
  • Japanese MoH - 2010

CordenPharma Latina SHE Policy - 2014

Facility Legacy

CordenPharma Latina is a fully integrated manufacturer of oral and sterile anti-infective penicillins and cephalosporins with a special focus on oral and sterile oncological formulation as well as oral API molecule synthesis. Core capabilities include expertise in process development, process improvement, complex technology transfer as well as new product launches, industrial engineering and scale-up. 
Formerly a manufacturing site for Bristol-Myers Squibb, CordenPharma Latina brings over 30 years of experience in manufacturing high potent APIs, ß-lactam APIs, oncology products (both parenteral and oral forms) and lyophilized formulations in a full-scale multi-purpose facility. 


  • 1969 Foundation
  • 1971 Start of API Penicillin production
  • 1975 Cephalosporin & Penicillin drug product manufacturing begins
  • 1983 Drug product oncology manufacturing begins
  • 1994 Cephalosporin drug product manufacturing begins
  • 1997 Start of API non-beta lactam facility
  • 2004 Start of API oral Penicillin
  • 2005 Fully integrated waste water treatment plant
  • 2010 Acquisition by ICIG to become CordenPharma Latina