CordenPharma Colorado Community Advisory Panel (CAP)

The CordenPharma Colorado Community Advisory Panel (CAP) is a group of unpaid volunteers that serve as both liaison and watchdog for community concerns regarding CordenPharma Colorado (CPC) operations in Boulder. The CAP's primary focus historically has been on environmental issues such as emissions, waste stream management, safety, and emergency response but it could also take action in other areas of community concern.

Since 1991, CPC has supported the CAP as an independent body by providing meeting space, internal and external subject matter experts, and other limited resources as necessary to enable the CAP to perform the duties it sets for itself. CPC also provides detailed operations information to CAP members so the group may effectively monitor the company's response to problems, plans for changes, and general inclination toward improvement.

The members of CAP want to share with the broader Boulder community our concerns, projects, and plans for assuring a safe and healthy local environment. Please do not hesitate to engage us in addressing any concerns you might have regarding CordenPharma Colorado's impact on our community.

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