Corden Pharma Colorado

Managing Director:

Brian McCudden

Corden Pharma Colorado

2075 55th Street
Boulder, Colorado 80301

Phone:+1 (303) 442-1926
Fax:+1 (303) 938-6413

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>>> In the News <<< CordenPharma Colorado Colorado announces successful results from their recent 5 Day Intensive 2016 FDA Audit: no 483-observations and a No Action Indicated (NAI) status.

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Core Capabilities

  • Development and manufacturing of advanced intermediates and chemically synthesized APIs
  • Focus on synthetic peptides, highly potent Cytotoxic and non-Cytotoxic APIs
  • Large-scale peptide production
  • Manufacture of high volume small molecule APIs

CordenPharma Colorado Facility Capacities 

Compliance Approvals

  • Good Inspection History with the FDA
  • No violations on any DEA Inspections
  • No violations on RCRA Inspection - 2002, 2008, 2012
  • No violations on OSHA Inspection - 2003
  • No violations on EPA/CDPHE Yearly Air Inspections- 2003-2013
  • No violations on Colorado Board of Pharmacy Inspection - 2008-2013

Facility Legacy

CordenPharma Colorado is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of chemically synthesized peptide APIs. Starting as a technology-based contract manufacturing business in 1946, it has contributed important technical advances to API manufacturing, most recently in the fields of highly active compounds and peptide synthesis. The facility is registered globally for producing four APIs and several intermediates. In addition, it has supplied clinical trials in a large number of small molecule and peptide projects, and developed second generation processes for high volume small molecules.

As a former facility of Roche, CordenPharma Colorado brings expertise in peptide and small molecule manufacturing which has been realized through significant investments in advanced chemical process equipment and state-of-the-art environmental facilities and infrastructure.


  • 1946 – 1965: Arapahoe Chemicals founded in Boulder with a focus on producing fine organic chemicals
  • 1965 – 1994: Acquired by Syntex Corporation, a company founded in Mexico City with a focus on oral contraceptives. Boulder production focused on Naprosyn® and highly active compounds
  • 1994 – 2011: Acquired by Roche, a global health care company based in Basel, Switzerland. Boulder production focused on peptides, highly active compounds and complex small molecules
  • 2011: Acquired by ICIG to become CordenPharma Colorado