CordenPharma Brussels

Managing Director:

Patrice Locht

Corden Pharma Brussels S.A.

310 rue de Ransbeek
1120 Brussels
Human Resources Contact:
Phone:+32 2 263 1411

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Core Capabilities

  • Liquid-phase peptide synthesis (LPPS)
  • Solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS)
  • Hybrid strategies (SPPS-LPPS)
  • Complex peptides and peptidomimetics
  • Cyclic peptides & peptides with multiple disulfide bridges
  • Short peptides (10-12 residues), often with no HPLC purification
  • Arginine-rich peptides

CordenPharma Brussels Facility Capacities

Compliance Approvals

  • 7 FDA inspections: Most recently 2017
  • 2014: Belgian Health Authorities on behalf of EMA
  • DMF filing experience: USA, Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada, New Zealand

Facility Legacy

Founded in 1987, CordenPharma Brussels, formerly Peptisyntha, was a member of the Solvay group until being acquired by CordenPharma in October 2013. CordenPharma Brussels has built a 30 year track record of success in supplying pharmaceutical and biotech companies with clinical and commercial scale cGMP peptide APIs manufactured using world-class cost-effective production processes. Through expertise and capabilities in all synthetic peptide manufacturing technologies, CordenPharma Brussels assesses and customizes their manufacturing approach to achieve the most effective manufacturing process for their customers.

CordenPharma Brussels has developed a portfolio of innovative proprietary technologies with the objective to shorten synthetic processes / reduce the number of processing steps, control quality, and simplify purification steps (or eliminate HPLC purifications for short peptides). 


  • 1987: Peptisyntha founded on the Solvay Campus
  • 1996: First pre-approval FDA inspection for a major peptide API made by Peptisyntha for the worldwide market; Following FDA inspections: 1999, 2005, 2009, 2013, 2015 and 2017
  • 2001-2008: Production plant extension: new small-scale and large-scale GMP units
  • 2006-2008: Additional capabilities, further kilo-lab capacity, new QC/microbiology labs, new warehouse
  • 2011: Solid-phase peptide production units added
  • 2013: FDA inspection, no 483 form. Total of 5 successful FDA inspections
  • October 2013: Peptisyntha acquired by ICIG (International Chemical Investor Group) to join CordenPharma
  • 2015: Most recent FDA inspection
  • September 2016: Peptisyntha S.A. name changed to Corden Pharma Brussels S.A.