On October 31, 2013 CordenPharma acquired the technology and assets of Ancora Pharmaceuticals, located in Woburn, MA, USA. Ancora’s unique carbohydrate synthesis technology platform and chemistry research facilities perfectly complement CordenPharma’s capabilities in the manufacture and supply of high-quality complex synthetic molecules. 
As a result of the acquisition, Ancora’s extensive know-how and historical expertise in carbohydrate synthesis will be merged with CordenPharma’s process development, scale-up and GMP manufacturing capabilities to become the leading global supplier of synthetic carbohydrates for all applications, including:
  • Glycoconjugate vaccine antigens
  • Immunomodulatory therapeutics
  • Tissue targeting / drug delivery motifs
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Analytical reagents and standards
  • Diagnostic reagents
  • Defined content for glycomics research
Together, Ancora and CordenPharma are now equipped to provide carbohydrate synthesis and production needs from early stage discovery research through to commercial cGMP manufacturing at any scale. Both CordenPharma and Ancora will serve customers out of Ancora’s Woburn facility, with newly expanded possibility for seamless transition to large scale cGMP manufacturing at CordenPharma’s facilities in the US and in Europe. 
While the Ancora brand will remain, inquiries will be evaluated and handled in coordination with CordenPharma in an effort to provide a full range of innovative carbohydrate synthesis products from early-stage discovery research through to commercial cGMP manufacturing:
  • Custom synthesis of g to hundreds of g to multi-kg production of
    • Complex Carbohydrates
    • Monosaccharide building blocks such as
      • α-mannosides, β-mannosides, 1,2-linked, 1,6-linked and branched 1,3
      • 1,6-linked mannoside fragments
      • α-1,4- and α-1,6-glucoside fragments
      • a- and b-glucosamin
    • Conjugates such as
      • Glycolipid
      • Phosphatidylinositol
      • Glycopeptide
  • Multi-Step Process Engineering Expertise
  • Proven cGMP Production Capabilities for
    • Clinical Trial Material
    • Commercial API Material

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