By virtue of our technological strengths CordenPharma is a reliable supplier of highly advanced building blocks on a multi-kg to multi-ton scale. Our portfolio includes pseudoproline dipeptides, nucleoside building blocks and other API chiral building blocks like alcohols and hydroxyesters.

Pseudoproline Dipeptides

In advanced peptide synthesis Mutter’s pseudoproline dipeptides*, serine, and threonine derived Fmoc protected building blocks play an increasingly important role in overcoming aggregation and low-solubility effects in the synthesis of long and difficult sequences.

CordenPharma was the first worldwide supplier offering pseudoprolines in multi-kg quantities. Today our pseudoproline product line comprises 28 different dipeptides, the most comprehensive offering of dipeptides meeting the highest quality standard for peptide cGMP production. CordenPharma teamed up with Neuland Laboratories to further improve manufacturing processes for multi-kg production at the lowest possible price. Our pseudoprolines are also readily available as standard catalogue products (refer to our pseudoproline price list for small pack units up to 100g).

* T. Woehr, M. Mutter (1995). Pseudo-prolines in peptide synthesis: direct insertion of serine and threonine derived oxazolidines in dipeptides. Tetrahedron Lett. 36, 3847-3848.

Amino Acid Building Blocks

Effective February 1, 2014, CordenPharma Switzerland is pleased to announce a transfer of their entire Amino Acid Building Blocks product portfolio to CU Chemie Uetikon GmbH, based in Lahr, Germany. Read the full press release here.
As a result of the transfer, Chemie Uetikon will take over the Amino Acid Building Blocks business from CordenPharma Switzerland and market them to clients globally. CordenPharma Switzerland will continue to manufacture and market Pseudoproline Building Blocks using proprietary technology.
Chemie Uetikon has published a new catalog, listing the transferred portfolio of Amino Acid Building Blocks. This extensive library of natural and unnatural amino acids with a wide variety of protecting groups, both at the N- and the C-terminus, can be used for peptide synthesis in solution and solid-phase from laboratory through commercial scale.

Nucleoside Building Blocks

Oligonucleotides are chemically synthesized using phosphoramidite nucleosides or, to a lesser extent, non-nucleosidic compounds. CordenPharma has experience in developing and optimizing processes for synthesizing tightly quality-controlled phosphoramidites and offers custom manufacturing services for your proprietary building blocks.

API - Chiral Building Blocks

CordenPharma has also successfully developed the commercial production of different chiral alcohols, and hydroxy esters starting from ketones based on worldwide patents which are exclusively licensed from our development partners. With CordenPharma’s network of multi-purpose plants we are your quality choice for the custom synthesis of downstream chemistry using chiral alcohols based on:
  • Latest enzyme technology
  • Extremely high enantiomeric purity (>99,0 % and higher)
  • Availability from lab to commercial scale (up to 100 mt’s)
  • Cost-effective development of custom manufacturing molecules
  • Safety testing and evaluation support for contracted customers