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CordenPharma is one of the leading Full-Service Global CMOs in today’s pharmaceutical industry, employing highly trained experts in multiple facilities across Europe and the US.

Because team work is the basis for success, we are constantly looking for qualified employees to join our team of experts.

Please review our current list of job offerings and reply to the respective links below each for more information or to submit an application.


Production Manager, Center of Excellence (Peptide/HPAPI) - Job 1525 - CordenPharma Colorado

Full-Time, Exempt, Boulder, Colorado, USA

The Production Manager, Center of Excellence (Peptide/HPAPI) provides results oriented, day-to-day management and leadership of manufacturing processes within a Corden Pharma Colorado Center of Excellence (Peptide or Highly Potent COE). The Manager is accountable to ensure that processes are efficiently transferred into manufacturing and that all manufacturing quantities and timelines are met. The Manager is responsible for oversight of continuous improvement programs within Operations and is accountable to define and meet targeted improvement in the assigned COE processes and technology. The Manager is responsible for maintaining department budgets to target, ensures that personnel in the assigned COE are adequately trained and that regulatory compliance is achieved in health and safety, quality, environmental and in human resources.

Mechanical Technician - Job 1516 - CordenPharma Colorado

Full-Time, Non-Exempt, Boulder, Colorado, USA

The Mechanical Tehnician assists and performs predictive, preventive and corrective equipment maintenance for 24 hours/day, 7 days/week bulk pharmaceutical manufacturing operation. Target to develop knowledge of site, equipment, and systems. This position is a developmental position; failure to adequately demonstrate growth in skills can lead to termination.

Network & Security Engineer - Job 1522 - CordenPharma Colorado

Full-Time, Exempt, Boulder, Colorado, USA

The Network and Security Engineer will oversee Corden Pharma Colorado’s network and corporate security program.  This position will also be involved in special projects within the company that will enhance the overall strategic business objectives as it relates to the implementation and use of technology.  A wide range of network and security skills are required to successfully perform the job duties and responsibilities.  

Pharmaziepraktikum - CordenPharma Plankstadt

Internship, CordenPharma Plankstadt

Seit mehreren Jahren bieten wir Pharmaziestudenten/-innen die Möglichkeit ein vielseitiges und interessantes Praktikum gemäß Approbationsordnung in unserem Unternehmen zu absolvieren. Sie lernen in sechs Monaten die vielfältigen Berufsmöglichkeiten eines Apothekers in der Pharmaindustrie kennen und erhalten einen Überblick über die Anforderungen und Aufgaben bei der Entwicklung, Herstellung und Prüfung von Arzneimitteln. Im Rahmen des Praktikums lernen Sie die Bereiche Pharmazeutische Entwicklung, Analytische Entwicklung, Produktion, Qualitätssicherung und Qualitätskontrolle näher kennen und können hierbei auch an aktuellen Projekten aktiv mitarbeiten.

Process Safety Engineer - Job 1523 - CordenPharma Colorado

Full-Time, Exempt, Boulder, Colorado, USA

The Process Safety Engineer provides process safety engineering technical expertise to ensure CordenPharma Colorado facilities are operated in a manner that protects the health and safety of employees and the public, protects the environment, and provides regulatory compliance.  Collectively, the position will encompass process safety through all phases of the process - design, installation, operation, decommissioning, maintenance, and training- including manufacturing, processing, handling, and storing of hazardous chemicals. 

Procurement Specialist / Sourcing - Job 1526 - CordenPharma Colorado

Full-Time, Exempt, Boulder, Colorado, USA

The Procurement Specialist / Sourcing develops and improves existing systems and processes to optimize performance of sourcing and procurement activities to meet business needs for best price at reliable quality and supply. Negotiates Supply and Service contracts and coordinates supplier integration plans with internal clients. Responsible for keeping up-to-date on market trends, changes in business practices and new or altered types of materials entering the market. Responsible for locating and promoting potential new sources of supply by initiating Request for Proposals, analyzing same and selecting appropriate suppliers based on delivery time, quality, and best pricing.

Product Release Specialist - Job 1524 - CordenPharma Colorado

Full-Time, Exempt, Boulder, Colorado, USA

The Product Release Specialist is responsible for and is the subject matter expert for all product release and batch record activities for the Quality department. Leads the quality aspect of process monitoring, commercial product batch release activities for customer products. Responsible for annual product reviews, quality, manual, site master file and other quality required approvals. Serves as a resource for all quality related customer and regulatory audits.    

Quality Control Manager - Job 1512 - CordenPharma Colorado

Full-Time, Exempt, Boulder, Colorado, USA

The Quality Control Manager provides direct leadership and management for the Quality Control department in accordance with organizational policies and applicable laws and guidances. Responsibilities include developing employees; planning, assigning, and directing work; meeting goals and performance standards, and driving continuous improvement. The incumbent is responsible for creating an environment that encourages compliant efficiency, developing and coaching technical staff to improve skills, and ensuring high quality technical work. 

Senior Chemical Process Engineer - Job 1521 - CordenPharma Colorado

Full-Time, Exempt, Boulder, Colorado, USA

The Chemical Process Engineer targets Complex Small Molecules, Peptides, and Highly Actives for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. Performs research and development activities for the purpose of designing/improving a process or technology and provides process engineering support for manufacturing processes in assigned group or plant through proactive problem prevention and troubleshooting as well as identifying and implementing process improvements. Provides leadership and project management to work groups on large scale projects and technology transfers.

QA Specialist - Peptisyntha

Full-time, Brussels, BE

The Quality Assurance Specialist will be working as part of the Quality Assurance team on site ensuring products are manufactured, stored and packaged in accordance with cGMP. He / she will also support the development of GMP training packages and delivery of training.